Design and Development

of innovative products for the improvement of quality of living environments and the adoption of design and design models centered on the person.

Improving the quality of life

and the well-being of citizens with particular reference to active aging and the weakest sections of the population (elderly, people with disabilities, children).

Increase of Actions

of technology transfer multisectoral University-Enterprise-Territory for the design and development of smart and sustainable technologies with the creation of opportunities for the emergence of innovative start-ups and spin-offs.

Creating and Consolidation

of a regional network structure to approach national and international initiatives and actions related to the theme of sustainable technological innovation in living spaces.

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We aim to create actions for the design and development of new ``living`` products

starting from an
entrepreneurial fabric of excellence but without the tools to activate common synergies of industrial research and system innovation. The technical-industrial innovation is a concrete spin- off of the network, in terms of new competitive products generated by the network design of the different companies that develop products for automation, home automation, smart monitoring and sensors, video surveillance and devices for personal security and places of life, software products also “mobile”, artificial intelligence.

Business creation, innovation and technology transfer

are intrinsic aspects of the network that brings together the entire chain of conception and design (universities, research centers), development and production (companies) and use (end users, associations, social cooperatives) of new products for living, encouraging the transition from theory and research to the concrete implementation of modularly interconnected, sustainable, accessible commercial products. The social impact of the network on the strategy of active aging as a fundamental element of benefit on the quality of life and well-being of citizens, first of all among the weakest sections of the population.

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Safe Place

The project aims to boost the integration and development of innovative solutions in the field of Sustainable Living – in particular Home automation and automation for the improvement of quality of life.
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The project aims to boost the integration of smart building products – in particular lighting and access control systems – with home automation and Internet of Things (iot) technologies.
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IOT4SSL Export

The Project is part of the iot (Internet of Things) area for the development of new connected, intelligent and sustainable solutions, aimed at promoting social equality and improving the quality of life of people and communities.



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